14 May 2018 Current Affairs For Government Exam

Following is the 14 May 2018 Current Affairs For Government Exam

1. Domestic Violence Act for divorced women too.

The Domestic Violence Act, meant to punish men who abuse women in a relationship, extends to all man-woman relationships & also protects divorced women from their former husband, the Supreme Court has upheld.
The court held that domestic violence can continue even after divorce.
It amounts to domestic violence if the former husband tried to dispossess the woman from a jointly-owned property.

2. Government to link 200 more mandis to eNAM.

The government will link additional 200 wholesale mandis to the online trading platform eNAM this fiscal and also encourage inter-mandi transactions.
Online trading on the eNAM platform can be done through the website, trading platform or the Mobile App.
At present, 585 regulated mandis in 14 States are linked with the electronic National Agriculture Market (eNAM) launched in April 2016.

3. ITBP to get more men and material.

The Union government has decided to boost the manpower and infrastructure of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP).
Nine new battalions, a strategic sector headquarters on the front, a dozen patrol camps and 47 new border outposts along the China border over the next few years will be created.
The Ministry of Home Affairs has given its in-principle approval.

4. IMD to add 30 Doppler radars in country.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) will add 30 Doppler radars in the next two-three years across the country.
Doppler radars provide precise information about thunderstorms, dust storms, hailstorms, rainfall and wind patterns.
With a radius of 250km, they help in issuing nowcasts 2-3 hours prior to severe weather events.
The first Doppler radar was installed in Chennai in 2002.

5. Modi, Oli launch Janakpur-Ayodhya bus service.

PM Modi & his Nepalese counterpart K P Sharma Oli has jointly inaugurated a direct bus service b/w Janakpur & Ayodhya – the two sacred cities for Hindus.
Janakpur the birthplace of Sita will now be connected with Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram through the bus service.
The places are significant in the Ramayana tourism circuit that falls under the Indian Govt’s Swadesh Darshan Scheme.

6. E-Gates to give immigration clearance.

From January 2019, low-risk foreign travelers will not have to wait in long queues at airport immigration counters.
The Indian government plans to install special automated kiosks — e-Gates —  for speedy document and identity verification.
At the e-Gates, foreigners can present their machine-readable passports, place their fingerprints on the scanner and complete a customs declaration.

7. Barclays seeks patents around e-currency tech.

Barclays has filed two patent applications relating to the transfer of digital currency and data storage with the Indian Patent Office.
The bank has filed a patent application titled ‘secure digital data operations’ & it is a method and system for transferring digital currency from a payer to the recipient.
The other patent filed is ‘data validation and storage’ & is about cryptography.

8. DNA data banks to be set up.

DNA databanks will be set up at the national and state level to store profiles, according to a draft bill on DNA technology being finalised by the Law Ministry.
The draft bill also states that all DNA data including DNA profiles, DNA samples, and records, will only be used for identification of the person.
The Department of Biotechnology was consulted by the law panel to draft the bill.

9. World Bank agrees to a grant for Bangladesh.

The World Bank (WB) is going to provide Bangladesh with a grant to meet the basic needs of around one million Rohingyas who fled from Myanmar.
A WB team will be visiting Bangladesh to discuss the issue with the government.
As per the WB’s conditions, the entire fund that the WB has finally agreed to provide Bangladesh with will have to be spent for the Rohingyas only.

10. Fino Payments Bank to offer net banking.

Fino Payments Bank launched a suite of digital products that can be accessed online and through mobile phones.
Fino had launched its mobile banking app BPay in 2017.
The latest initiatives include Unified Payments Interface (UPI), BHIM app- using which customers can access UPI and make P2P payments.

11. Paytm introduced automatic recurring payments.

Paytm has introduced automatic recurring payments, a new feature that lets users configure the payments app to pay for periodic recurring expenses automatically.
Similar to standing instructions for bank accounts, the ‘My Payments’ feature can be used for high-value payments for a variety of cases.
Company expects the feature to significantly boost bank-to-bank transactions on the Paytm app.

12. Lewis Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has extended his lead at the summit of the Formula One championship after a crushing win at the Spanish Grand Prix.
Finland’s Valtteri Bottas was second while the Dutch Max Verstappen stood third.
It was the first one-two of the season for Mercedes, which had been slower than Ferrari in the past few races.

13. Film-theatre actor Kalasala Babu passes away.

Noted Malayalam film-theatre actor Kalasala Babu, known for a number of villainous and character roles, passed in Kochi.
A multi-faceted actor, Babu had tried his hand in all three major formats of acting- theatre, movies and television serials, in his career spanning over three decades.
Babu had started a troupe, ‘Kalasala,’ and came to be known in the industry as Kalasala Babu.

14. Noted lyricist, poet Balkavi Bairagi died.

Noted Hindi film lyricist, Nandram Das Bairagi, popularly known as Balkavi Bairagi is dead.
Bairagi was a Lok Sabha member between 1984 and 1989 and also a former Rajya Sabha MP.
He wrote several Hindi poems, among which, Jhar gaye paat, bisar gayi tehni is considered a gem by many Hindi poets.
He was given the name Balkavi as he wrote some classic poems in his childhood.

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