Important Synonyms for Bank, SSC and other exams

The following is a list of common words, with their synonyms (similar meanings) and their antonyms (opposite meanings)

1.Abandon    -Cease, Forsake, Surrender

2.Abhor         -Hate, Loathe, Detest

3.Able             -Proficient, Competent

4.Abominate-Hate, Loathe,Abhor, Detest

5.Abridge       -Shorten, Curtail,Abbreviate

6.Abundance-Plentiful, Richness,Luxuriance

7.Accomplish-Achieve, Perform,Execute

8.Adjacent      -Next to, Near,Adjoining

9.Affectation -Pretense, Hypocrisy, Airs

10.Adapt            -Adjust, Harmonize, Attune

11.Adept            -Expert, Skillful, Proficient

12.Aggravate    -Worsen, Heighten, Intensify

13.Altercation -Dispute, Quarrel, Contention

14.Amalgamate-Unite, Combine, Blend

15Ambiguous   -Vague, Unclear, Doubtful

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